- ein Bergdorf in Andalusien -
- un pueblo andaluz -
- an Andalusian village -

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General information
This is our house in spring. The stairs on the right side of the house lead from the patio to the sun-terrace from where you have a brilliant view over the landscape.
Standing in front of the house, you have a nice view on the sea which is about 8 km from the house.

The house is a typical one storied Andalucian village house. Its walls are covered with ivy, with the leaves offering a luscious roof of leaves in the summertime, providing shadowy spots and reducing the heat inside. The terraced garden is located on the hillside behind the house. He has a natural touch and has a great variety of species. Several typical mediterranean plants grow there (such as pine trees, olive-, orange- and lemontrees, jasmin and hibiskus) and invite you to linger there for a while. It is also perfect for an afternoon siesta in a hammock. And although the sun shines into the patio and onto the large sun-terrace nearly every day, the house offers enough possibilities for heating for the wintertime. There are three bedrooms, a large living room with fireplace plus kitchen and bathroom.
The house offers space for up to six people. The equipment and furniture is basic. There is enough crockery and cutlery as well as enough bedclothes. A washing-machine and sat television are ready to be used.
We endeavour after a well-balanced price-performance ratio. Please contact us for the latest prices. We have special prices for the winter and those on long-time holidays.

The house in pictures - (Please click on image to zoom)

This is the house in spring and summer. It is located at the quiet village road.

During the summertime ivy and grapevine offer cool spots.

You can enter the 350 square meters of the garden from the kitchen via a small corner with seats. This is the view you have from there.

Space for a hammock in the garden.

Bedroom I

Bedroom II

The livingroom

The sun-terrace

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