- ein Bergdorf in Andalusien -
- un pueblo andaluz -
- an Andalusian village -

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General information
Macharaviaya, the village where our house is located, is a picturesque village in the mountains of Andalucia in the south of Spain (near Rincon de la Victoria (about 11 km) and Malaga (about 30 km)). The distance to the beach is 8 km, the village is 235 m above MSL.
In former times Macharaviaya had been an important place. It was well-known far beyond the regional borders for being the home of the noble Galvez family, whose descendant Matias Earl of Galvez had been vice-king of New-Spain. Nowadays Macharaviaya has few (253) inhabitants left. The historical center of the village with its overdimensional church has a preservation order on it. Some Spanish and foreign artists, ceramicists, painters and writers live among the villagers. Height of the season every year is the festival honouring the patron of the village, Bernado, in the first half of August. The ambience in Macharaviaya complies with those of the famous white Andalusian villages: Macharaviaya is Spanish and open-minded at the same time. It is located apart from the touristsī paths and is therefore especially interesting for people who look for quietness and peace and can actually stand it.
Variety and change is provided by the short distance to the Costa del Sol with its touristic atrractions and the Andalusian cities with their rich history and their famous sites. Andalucia in general is an area with brilliant opportunities for short trips. Going shopping in Malaga will be a contrastive activity to the quietness of the holiday village, which will have its own little swimming pool from summer 2002 on.
Das Wappen des Dorfes

The mountain road to Macharaviaya
When the road has crossed its zenith, Macharaviaya appears. The village has been built upon the ruins of an ancient Arabic settlement. Its name is derived from Arabic "Machxar Abu Yahya", meaning "Abu Hayas Court"
... the "Carretera" to Macharaviaya. The typical landscape of the Axarquia appears in each turn of the streetīs curves and offers outlooks of unique beauty, such as the wide, shimmering Mediterranean Sea. Home of the Galvez family, remembrance of past greatness, supported by the sight of the Templete and the nearby church. Next to Macharaviaya lies Benaque, home of the Andalusian poet Salvador Rueda.

The sights
  • Church San Jacinto from the XVIIIth century
  • Templete de los Galvez from the XVIIIth century
  • Iglesia mudejar: local church in Benaque from the XVIIIth century,its tower being the minaret of the former mosque
  • museum
  • "feria" for Bernado in August
  • art and ceramic (more informations:

This is what you will find there:
  • a bar in which small meals are prepared as well
  • a small shop
  • daily bread, food and much more is provided by "shopping lorries"
  • Spanish courses during school holidays
  • a public phone cell
  • a nice postman who will pick up your holiday greetings
  • little swimming pool

This is what you will look for in vain:
  • souvenir shops
  • discotheques
  • hotels and boarding houses

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